Simon Howard


doubles as a countenance

nowhere glisteneding

feverish pavement

•sombre• 1 song in thought

of voice” full stop


evocation crises

allday cartoon

. combs hair stretching

throat + night. she. instructs

the swimmer how to dance.

sleep & drink

stars. when was it

where they went?

peaceful then?

the dancer must drown. full stop


Under my painted toes

Stars sleep

In storm I

Sip marmalade

From a box marked “zithers”

Conspiratorial history of

Wandering about a small

Tightly worded room

She continues to comb

Hair & her laughter.

Somehow nude optometry

Got caught in

That riot – music

Became old

Too: like a sailing boat becalmed, or a sailing boat becalmed.


i’ll cut a path to the meadow from the sea & throw

my overcoat to this angel on stilts along the hedge

such that futurity is trespassed [ ]

a blissed star-map scratch my tears aside reminding

you of the little photograph of some riot i haven’t shown

you & nothing is necessity other than my over

coat because of memory it is an oblivious summer this angel

cuts a path to the meadow from the sea throws futur

ity at my tears little photograph of no riot is

none other than photographs of the sky falling from

1 skyscraper. 1nce the angels

were only angels

not coat hangers

burning in the dark.

like now


Finely glued

Domestic erotic•


Its flaky tongue at the solemn

Scarred tree

Bits of thought

Burn up up

Above on the teetering



Said the blind were saidness

& sad to see.

Alone with ourselves

& our strange