Marcus slease


from Primitive Pianos


Spanish Fork Utah (21st Dec 2009)

and we present an army of the unemployed sipping French roast at Buns

& Brews near a sign that reads "our money clips grip."

Salt Lake City (22nd Dec 2009)

I met

my ex-wife in the red


29th Dec 2009

Everywhere I look there are smart-eyed inarticulate creatures wishing me hello in monster aisle supermarkets and small smoke shops where even if you are 35 they want proof proof proof and trucks go swishing through snow and cars change lanes on mega lane highways our picture is on the ceiling when we tried not to make love our picture is smattered and scattered


that was another life

everything was another life

I've grown less afraid

to love beyond

my bed


Salt Lake City, Utah (31st Dec 2009)

we are a lovely

finish we are

80 percent


this is not

curry in a hurry

this is not

40 hits

with DJ Scotty B

you are a

hot lick

of berry

a tiger

with a tongue

cherry notes

without a hint

of oak


Spanish Fork, Utah (4th Jan 2010)

oh pioneers

the curtains

are painted

with min-

ature spuds

busy bees

busy bees

a hive near


from a husband


his wives







in the book

of Abraham


is near



near the

sun this

is the place




Spanish Fork, Utah (5th Jan 2010)


the gospel shakes toughest place meanest dang

imagination mothers i must admit this

spit was hot we must gather round gather

round the fireside please please we need

more rattlesnakes more chickensnakes more

bellies for the beasts my brethren run

in broad shoes my breath

inhales nostalgia and exhales

passion’s armada.


no. this is not yr mother’s milkshake

yr uncle’s saliva

each wall is a universe

and behold god

once darkened skin

of those who let go

of the iron rod

but now it

is no longer PC

to have wives

or darken skin

for evil ways


my eyes will break, have broken

into the old sockets, the old

golden plates, chopping heads

off for righteousness ah ha

um hum please keep running

me over with your soft wheels

Marcus Slease was born in Portadown, N. Ireland in 1974. He is a nomadic poet and has lived and worked in various places including: the U.S., South Korea, Poland, U.K., N. Ireland and Turkey. He is the author of Godzenie (Blazevox 2009), Nerve Fibre: London (Arthur Shilling Press), from Primitive Pianos (PaxPress), and This is the Motherfucking Remix (with Brian Howe, Scantily Clad Press). Currently, he lives in Trieste, Italy with a guy a girl and two dogs. You can check out works in progress at: