kathryn l. pringle


from Fault Tree Analysis

There Through Space (a section)

for the sake of language we are not keeping time

a foundation built counter

a basement

the binding of what’s perceived is

bent, actually is bent, but you won’t see it

hanging there


outside sounds like rain

but is rocks

pebbles hitting bowls of water

hospitals remind doctors you are human

because it is good for business

there is no correct order to the incident

because time changes

depending on where you are standing

and so does place. you would know

this if you ever

went anywhere. you must move,

simply send forth.

the streets have umbrellas in

twos with yellow substitute engines on

every other corner for electric jump. we

once used the jump. connected to our

tongues the cable. we didn’t die,

but we imagine

it is of words

if time is the position of hands

simultaneosity’s   body is wracked

an imperceptible equating of breath

an outside of words

the i entity so creates escape

artifacts between us make space

echo articulation // reflection




when asked

the present writer speaks silence

i did not like the version of myself that was raised firmly middle-class

it did not serve me

so i grew up poor white trash.

this explains everything and i could end here.

(you don’t like the end.)

prognosis is suspiciously as we make it

kathryn l. pringle is an American poet living in Oakland, CA. she is the author of Temper and Felicity are lovers.(TAXT), The Stills (Duration Press), and RIGHT NEW BIOLOGY (Factory School). you can finder her work in the forthcoming anthology "I Drowned My Book" Conceptual Writing by Women.