Charlyne Yi





Vulnerable vultures rely on deceased
when pecked upon, they unfold their crease,
peeling their lids back to see once more.
No one likes feeling vulnerable, not even a whore.
Shame, heat, a storm, & repeat
of history disciplining, smacking you in your fucking face
as you realize the body's not ready to feast.
You take her last breath & feel drunk with a smile.
Vulture, let me know when your victory fades in a while?









Charlyne Yi was born.  She has parents. And siblings.  She lives in an apartment.  Was brought up in the Bronx, and now resides in Los Angeles. She spends most of her days drinking whisky and trying to find words that express how she feels, hoping to jot them down before the feeling fleets; so, she may capture the essence in this timecapsule we call poetry.