Peter Manson

Two extracts from The Baffle Stage

Extract #1

too roots man have a care in boulder dash
your weight a shift registering cut rates
where a mass exit de-reaming us should err
upside the hollow marrow emigrates
feel all pastry animal glowing shore
a slick balloon cementing dentifrice
to the end that friendship can be fussed to bore
co-built others nod to achieved rice
resorb a Datsun cog no memory token
boiling unsalvaged oil emolument
calls in a rasp or cauliflower to ken
speckle diagram of all that you meant
k-holoplasty in the mastoid plaque
a velcro host is given less to scrape
two hoots in unison over the above lack
spirtle bolus of untwisted cape
an ample sandpit is the right to test
the cows of trounced youth hooking celery
endive and cabbage, dill and all the rest
to the re-entered dust of Timothy Leary
oppose a numb nail to the scabbed stigmata
idiot guarantees of a back-story
John Fahey’s innocence of mata mata
and first approaches of the coming Tory
warp the whole accosted constitution
to binding posts of terminator’s block
art the rabid logroll of all you shun
in a hamster ball aimed low at the pillock
deloused Armani pads your empathy
your carrot tarot sees your future tallow
and sells it with win-win steatorrhea
to Mendel’s freeze-dried peas inclined to yellow
sober girth widows take sudoku
for memory taps the point-source alibi
TORTUE for TORTURE blink and we’ll revoke you
a window of clear acid in the eye
Berocca in the Be-Ro yellow malt
erased echo nincompoop as meant as
anything so far so chemical Yalta
defer beer nuts in May non compos mentis

Extract #2

a gurning man with neurofibromatosis
comes third to Ant and Dec at the Special Olympics
out of the pastie rocking the spargosis
to seed whatever the clay the golem picks
a null canal a plan no palindrome
but now you’re worried squandered talent show
lock up the fearful moose where Palin’d roam
surrexit dominus de Sheryl Crow
I drew Vapona level with the trees
acting on insults called to bait the prize
tit will obey the marketplace and grease
nipple inlet passageway arise
sir void of funk allotment pinnacle
denotes a charred bone paradise (bird of)
the filing cabinet open a cl
-eft goading new tsetse to fly our dove
stammer O emery stand still and grind
my jumping beans to caffeinated protein
ADHD thick shake to chill the mind
or what you call to witness this routine
I was the narc who marked your bonus card
the dirty protest danced the rooftop off
icon of plastic fork in communard
incensed Marconi steals a march on Popov
demote to capital blue spiral pants
immersive dimplings of the carapace
a grieving distillation of all plants
a growling dough you bake into its place
junk fuck a lentil Christ is coming back
he’s smooth all over and he has no holes
pneumatic faith dilates back, crack and sac
to a balloon animal maquette of the Dead Sea Scrolls