Jesse Glass


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Kid Poem

     my kid
                 snow &

          no more than a

          heart beat now but.

    dog snow
       falls on the      warm

              where you are

         in time

      beat it kid

          find your face

    i love

      but you are
                   beyond it there

       float on a heartbeat

       because we made you–-ha!

         before you know


         climb in that bell of flesh

             trucks slide

                           coming down!)

         clouds     barks     trash cans     steam of

             smiles & frowns      wide sky   shouting

                             ting! ting!

               nothing much here     but come anyway

             I'll be    by the door
               where it's drifted
              to say hi  lean on light
              give you a kiss

        maybe you won't want it

        think about color

        you won't see till you're new

             & hunger'll

          never go away

                   shake hands with it

         be a heart beat
               far beyond this century
         beam back what you see
         Past & Future

snow         under your mother's heart

                   & the only place

                       kid to suck your thumb
                       drink the good juice
                       pee it out

                                      stay there awhile

        it'll warm up    i promise      cry a little

when you hit town

               then grow

              in summer light

              when this snow's
                a museum piece

                  key in the lock

                    learn to say "more".

feb. ‘83

past simple home