Matt Hart



My battery runneth over
My lungs and legs are strong

Today I watched two boys throw a football at the sea
Loud and happy, I went for a swim

If this is Romanticism, all the better
My battery runneth over…



Your battery runneth over.  Your lungs and legs
are strong.  Pink carnation.  Astroturf jacket.
Two boys throw a football at a beach on a lake.
Hot molten daylight.  Happy and beaming.  You go to bed

for a swim.  Your battery runneth lovely.
Your life in the process.  Mostly of levity.  Gravity
changed.  Now you will learn to be a rabbit.  Now a volcano
that ticks.  Plaster-of-Paris.  Firm white asparagus.

Your mouth full-throttle.  Spectacular arrival.
From apple to football.  From breezeway to orange.  Enjoy
your vacation.  Your life runneth over.  O monumental
distance.  No battery looks like it or tastes like it.

Your lungs your legs your blood runneth over.  Happy
and beaming, you sleep with a football.  Now the volcano.
Now the pink jacket.  Keeps going and going.
Your gravity…                                    Bunny

The rabbit



I give you my word, and my word has red feathers.
The waves against the dog look
magically delicious.  I am not a box of cereal.
You are not the fancy name

for a bird watcher.  Still, my word
is a cardinal.  And since both of us know it,
let’s stop pretending it’s a blood-born
pathogen, shall we?  Jimmy hat, O Jimmy hat.

My word, my dog; my darling, my cardinal.
Meanwhile, the waves.  See how normal
red is.  There’s no need to worry.  My word
is a certified electrician crashing against

a dog house.  You are not a cereal.  I am not
a pretty box.  Jimmy hat Jimmy hat, always
wear your Jimmy hat.  Fly away cardinal.  Go tell it
on the mountain. My word, very frightening,

is final.

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