Reb Livingston


The Miser(ables)Ours AloneThe Spirit to Adopt

The Miser(ables)

A fat(ter) girl boards the tour bus wearing her “University Hot Stuff” tee and
suddenly my shoes are miserable

The country Frenchman shoves his Mickey-hat(ted) daughter and suddenly I
ha(te) him and mut(ter) something more miserable

Being the gut(ter) girl, the guttural listener is all la la hmmm Napoleon la la
mercy hmmm

Yes, thrilled to be your spokeswo(man), America, no I’m being facetious, I’m still
miserable, more so now than before

I say, dear sir, please step away from the window, France does not want to see
your wiener


Ours Alone

our udders bare, our udders bad, our misunderstanding
who's the cow and who's for free?

I got your invisible thread, I got it right through here
BAHHHH, that's one fucked frequency you got

and I got your throwaway phrase
kissing, wow, makes me feel downtown

that little possibility lovers stopped negotiating
here's where the barnyard ends

so tired, scratching words, sad sad devils
all I wanted, surprise, surmise, circumcised


The Spirit to Adopt

She thought she was going to die, he never returned
her messages, but eventually he did and by then
she remembered he was a cowardly moral relativist 
and all she wanted was witty banter fucking.

past simple home