Logan Ryan Smith


this is affront you pig


I am tired of being amongst animals

I am weak from the effort

The days don’t pass but create grooves
in my skin

my skin is a record player
and that is not me singing

it is almost barely unnoticeable

    but for the pigs and the wolves

they circle me
before they circle each other.

I sometimes go cow-faced
and cover myself in blood

it’s never really All Saints Eve

the animals continue their caves
masturbate each other
spit and drool
and smell each others’ palms

they are a mean-spirited bunch

it makes me wish gravity would stop
though it’d kill the rest of us


if gravity stopped
            it would kill all the pigs

the wolves would find a way to hold on

           But god I know
           pigs are smart

they know
when they’re
about to die

I do not want to be a pig


look up
and tell me what you see

500,000 pigs flying

at the moment

right now

believe it or not

500,000 pigs
have somewhere to be

past simple home