Dorothea Lasky


My love

I once loved a girl named crazy
And wrote a song for her
O crazy you are green-faced and stupid
I love how drunk you get in the morning
You smell like the country
I can see a piece of hay in your mouth
And your eyes of green
And the overalls coated with dirt
I saw faith in you but then
I once found out it was myself
That I saw faith in
O the genius in me is a rare antiquity
That has gone bad
I polish it on every occasion
My sweet genius
I can see it floating upon the air


The Animal

The pigeon man ate my heart out
I saw him sitting there but he didn’t see me
As he fed the pigeons
Three pigeons on each leg and one on his shoulder
My father sleeps, his one head out the window
I cannot hear the sound of thunder in this wind tunnel
I cannot speak
The things I have seen while giving flight
To a love that was underrated
My heart belongs to a lion
I love his pelt and covet his heart
O animal, your heart is wise beyond your years
I cut your paw and you tell me in a whisper
To never leave this place
So that’s what I do
But really I want to know
If you will throw that fat stake upon my heart
And give me something that is worth saving
Like the gospel of lions or worse yet, gazelles
That speak so gracefully within the wind
I touch that gazelle speak and it is as pink as day
I leave it upon the ocean, that pinkish bird that speaks to me
I let it fly upon the palms, o let it fly
My pinkish speech that I once lost but now I know
Will always be a part of me if I only stop to listen


By the oak

By the oak I saw you
You monster you snuffed your nostrils at me
And threw cigarettes upon my face
And when I ran away
You grabbed upon my ankles
And pressed hard your teeth upon my buttocks
O buttocks what are you anyway
But a spirit meant to transpose
I love you anyway as you run fast away
And fast you know things I am meant to know
Behind you know the ones that croak behind my back
With orange beaks that are meant to be beautiful
O the things that are meant to be organic but aren’t
Like Sunday school, that’s not normal
You should love God all day long
I love God in the way I love poetry
But he doesn’t know except that I feel love
For him, his great beard which is the mountain above you
And the one you sit upon
O the red splattered light that hangs over the mountain
That light has rushed through me
I felt it beating in me and did not know
That it was my blood that coursed through me
O these sunsets of God


It feels like love

When he and I are together, it just feels like love
And when we are talking and laughing together
It feels like love
And when we are hugging and going places together
It just feels like love, it feels like love
And his eyes on me and the way he looks
And what he says and the way I feel
And the things he does and the feelings I get
And the songs that play and my mind a racing
And the Spring racing before us and the sun and moon
And the low light of the evening
With the dark trees silhouetted and the birds aflame
It just feels like love
It really does
I don’t know
I must have said it all wrong.

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