Pam Brown

Soft Targets

S o f t   T a r g e t s

the miracle pill

               is a sludge drench

been given the slipperies


                central railway

                & again

                at the airport check in

a useless delay

  adds shadow

    to waiting

               so     last week's

               couple of hours

               at Eddie's cafe -

collards & patties

cornbread & chops,

with friends

from some own-private


             remodel sentimentally

             as memorable

everything edible

digested then combined

in blood's micro mix -

               dry cleaning fluid

               paint thinners

               toilet deodorisers

               benzene fuel drops

               ddt / literal poisons

               fish patties

               & sweet greens

plus the poison I use

to shrink my virus



              I can only work

              the trap I'm in


on the plane

 everyone's weeping

 at their tiny screens,

I weep for Janis  for Amy

for collards & for cornbread

              soft targets

              up in the air,


you want to set

a favourite diversion -


              a spiral staircase

              without using gestures


can't play that


              more loving

              if I could

even for a short time


lobes drop

& droop

almost to my collar


           my skull

           must be withering


I head

towards my allotted truism