Craig Foltz

Advice Thread
Studio One
Test Version

Advice Thread
Now that theyíve stacked the tablets of
yesterday into a pyramid we can finally elope
with the onrushing dusk. Commuters pause and
merge into the golden age. This thin ribbon,
you know itís not a milestone. The appearance
of robin eggs indicates a level of seriousness.
Must. Get. My. Nest. On. Now. A woman steps
from the glass elevator and says, Oh goody,
. Puffins for post-structuralists. Movement
in the past tense differs from motion in the
present. Wobbly scrum develops fight song. Once
past this net of antecedents, we make our way
towards the estuary. Research tools stored in
Pez dispenser. A waystation can be ordered via
this catalogue. Press enter, press submit. Now
that theyíve molded the tablets into a
habitable structure, bundles of cable and modular
desks begin to crop up. The scale of a lawn is
overwhelming. Whittle, sharpen, and polish.
Praised by its master, the dog was happy. An
animal in the jungle is not mimetic.


Studio One

Once on this island of neurons the required
evidence will be collected. Tendons recycle,
electrons scatter. Bamboo, for those without
skin. Representing input variation through
semantics. Picture ocean, release balloon. The
thin film covering your eyes dissolves into
brackish water. Price point sends us away.
Something helpful arrives in capsule form.
Driftwood during the acoustic set. Bleached
bones, pickled herring. An administrator may
not become an administrator without an
administrator declaration form. Conch shell
replays sounds from another decade. Feedback.
Form. Betting slips inhabit the clicks between
syllables. Boaties donít count. Another
department store chalk outline. The girl comes
with labelling. On her desk, a coelacanth
calendar. Just then, her spiral notebooks
splinter. Blurry landscape versus scope of
engagement. Completing certain tasks brings us
closer. Data entry. Moth capture. Ethanol
implementation. Partial review, partial
duplicate. Tuned reed instruments, for those
who believe in ghosts.


Test Version

From a glass building along the highway, a
stranger reviews your marital status and attitude
towards risk. Etymological investigations rely
on hand claps for historical legitimacy. On
this principle I will not bend. Business class
isnít business class anymore. The Greeks had an
inkling. Austerity. Guzzle. Brook. Native
timber. An estuarine vernacular becomes
calcified in checklists and barnacles. The man
who designed the building and the man who
installed the wiring in the building both
develop a fondness for fading lines. Submission
pauses, submission returns. For instance,
qualitative error. The surface of the water
shimmers product models. An unfamiliar scent
retreats. Despite a cool breeze, the endless
parade of summer nights will not pass your
competency assessment. There are three
exceptions. Vacuum threads. Client
relationship. Gap analysis. Teeth soaked in
brine & asterisks. Word of nations. Delayed. In
the hopes of being towed.